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I fell in love with the art of photography in the early 70's  when I got my first job as a young teenager working for a prominent photographer, Mr. Harris in Barbados.  He was trained in London England and New York USA and was commissioned to photographed dignitaries such as the Prime Minister and the Governor General of Barbados.


Working in his studio at an early age I learned immensely, from him, the art of lighting, exposure and the techniques of  composition.  The cameras my mentor used were both large and medium format Lindhof view cameras in his studio and of course one of his favorites, the Rollieflex camera.  All cameras at that time were manually operated.


My job involved assisting him in the daily routine of running the studio and the darkroom where the negatives and photos were developed.  The first time I saw him developed a photo on photographic paper I was hooked on photography.

In the 70’s there was no such thing as digital photography nor anything digital. One had to grasp the concepts of exposure, lighting and composition of which I am eternally grateful to have been mentored by Mr. Harris.

In the early 70’s I moved to Canada to join my family where my love of photography continued to grow.  Back then I occasionally photographed the odd wedding and special events. To this day I love photographing weddings, special events, family and group portraits along with individual portraiture. Other favorites of mine are fine art, landscapes and travel photography.

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